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This page provides answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding our services.

Domain Registration
Web Hosting
DNS Service
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Domain Registration
What is domain registration anyway?

Domain registration allows you to buy a domain name for a specific period of time. It is an easy-to-remember name to uniquely locate a computer on the Internet. Some examples of domain names are weblaunching.net, yahoo.com, etc. Click here to get started.
Enom Vs Tucows - what's the difference?

WebLaunching.net is a reseller of domain names, and we resell names from two top-level registrars to save you money. We have been a Tucows reseller since 1999, and in 2004 decided to offer domain names from Enom as well. The domain registration itself is identical - you get the same domain name regardless of who you buy it from. The only real difference is Price - Enom Registration is $14.95 per year (most domains), while Tucows registration is $17.95 per year (most domains).

So what do we recommend? Well, its really upto you. If you already have one or more domains registered from Tucows, then you might want to the use the same account to register future domains. If you are a new customer, we would recommend our new Enom service.

Another reason for going for the Enom service is our new Whois Privacy Protection Service available exclusively for Enom domains. This optional service costs only $8 per year and protects your private information from spammers and identity thieves.
I've previously registered one or more domains with WebLaunching, but am unsure as to which registrar? How do I find out?

Click here.
Can I transfer a domain name from Tucows to Enom, or vice versa?

Yes you can. Click here to transfer from Tucows to Enom, or here to transfer from Enom to Tucows. Also, be sure to read our Transfer FAQ below
I registered my name with you, but I can't login. Why?

Most likely, this is because of using an correct username and password. Click here to have the login information emailed to the admin contact.

Another common mistake to enter the domain name incorrectly. The domain name is always something like domainname.com - do NOT enter it as www.domainname.com, http://www.domainname.com, domainname, etc.

Note also that the login information for a WebLaunching/Tucows domain registration is different from that for the Integrated Control Panel. To manage a WebLaunching/Tucows domain registration, please click the Tucows link under the Home menu on the left.
I no longer have access to the admin email account - how do I get the login information?

The login information can ONLY be sent to the admin contact. Click here to update the admin contact for a Tucows domain. For all other services, please contact us.
What's the difference between domain registration and web hosting?

Domain registration gives you a name to identify your website, but you still need a place on the Internet to store your actual website. This service of making your website available on the Internet is called web hosting. As a simple analogy, a domain name is like the address of your house, and web hosting is the actual house itself.
Can I just register the name now and not have it hosted?

Sure. Just use our DNS servers (DNS1.WEBLAUNCHING.NET AND DNS2.WEBLAUNCHING.NET). Nothing will show up in the browser when someone tries to visit it, but at least the name will be saved from others taking it.
Can I register a domain with you, but host it with another company?

Yes. You can have any company you want host your web site. Just have them tell you the names of their DNS servers and update your registration to use these DNS servers.
What happens when my registration expires?

About one month before your domain expires, we will send a notification email to the admin contact that you have listed. At that time, you can either renew or let it expire. Once your registration is expired, the name will become available to the public again.

Please note that due to the grace period or redemption period policy of the appropriate registrar, it might take over two months after expiration for the domain to get deleted and become available for re-registration.
How do I change the DNS servers or other registration information for my domain?

We provide a web interface to update all of the information related to your domain. You can change the DNS servers and the Organization, Billing, Admin, and Technical contacts at any time, and without paying any fees. Please visit the Integrated Control Panel to manage your domain registration.
How are you different than Network Solutions?

There is not much of a difference. Our registration and modification process is a bit easier. Our prices are lower. Our support staff responds faster.
How do domain transfers work?

A domain transfer transfers your domain registration account from one registrar to another, and involves a few steps to ensure that it it is a legitimate transfer. After you request a domain transfer, Transfer Verification emails are sent to the current admin contact for the domain, with a url to visit to verify/confirm the transfer. Once the verification is done, it still takes a few days for the actual transfer to go through from the old to the new registrar.

Please note the following about domain transfers:
  • You cannot transfer domains that are under Registrar Lock with another registrar.
  • Domains must be registered for at least 60 days with the last registrar, before you can transfer it. Please do NOT place a transfer order within 60 days since you last registered, renewed or transferred it.
  • If this domain has already expired, you MUST contact your current registrar to release the post-expiration hold (which is different from the registrar lock) on this domain BEFORE you place a transfer order.
  • Before you attempt to transfer a domain, make sure that the Admin Contact e-mail for the domain to be transferred is valid.
  • When you transfer your domain, it also automatically renews your domain for one additional year from its current expiration date.

Web Hosting
What is web hosting anyway?

Web Hosting gives you a place on the Internet to develop and place your website, so that other people can visit and view it. We offer professional web-hosting for your domain for only $49.95 per year. Click here to sign up today.
Does web hosting include domain registration?

No. You must register your domain separately.
Can I host my website with you, but register it with somebody else?

Yes, you can. Doing both with us has some advantages however. You will get one user account to manage both services. Also, you would have one contact point to ask any questions. And of course, we offer some of the lowest prices on the Internet.
Are there any hidden charges?

No. There are no setup fees, and you will be billed only $49.95 per year. You are responsible for the domain registration for your domain, which you can do with us or with any registrar of your choice.
Do you host adult web sites?

No. We do not allow adult material to be stored on our servers. Please see our Acceptable Use Policy.
How do I upload my web pages?

Members are given an FTP site that maps directly to their web site. The address would be ftp://yourdomain.com. Use any popular FTP client program such as FileZilla to transfer your files.

Connection settings are as follows:
Host Name/Address: ftp.yourdomain.com
User ID: yourdomain.com
Password: (enter the password for this account)

Note that in all the examples above, yourdomain.com will need to be replaced by the actual value for your website.
How much hard drive space do I get?

We find that most of our users consume 10 to 50 MB of space for their web site. We allow a total of 200 MB per website.
Do you create the web site for me?

No. That is upto you, and there are many websites on the Internet dedicated to teaching you how to develop your website. If you need professional assistance, we offer web design and development for $50 per page. Please contact us for more information.

DNS Service
What is DNS Service anyway?

A DNS Service account allows you to point your domain name to any website, URL or IP address of your choice. This is most useful when you already have a different website that is professionally hosted and would like your other domains to be redirected to it, or have free webspace from your ISP or host a server via your broadband connection at home, but would like to have a easy-to-remember name to get to it. Thus you can enter yourdomain.com, and be redirected to http://www.MyRealWebsite.com or http://yourisp.com/Members/FreePages/YourUserName. The service costs $5 per year, and also includes other features like sub-domains (home.yourdomain.com and work.mydomain.com, etc), mx (mail) records, etc.

Click here to sign up today.
Does DNS Service include domain registration?

No. You must register your domain separately.
Can I subscribe to DNS Service with you, but register the domain with somebody else?

Yes, you can. Doing both with us has some advantages however. You will get one user account to manage both services. Also, you would have one contact point to ask any questions. And of course, we offer some of the lowest prices on the Internet.

Regardless of who you have your domain registration with, simply point the DNS Servers for the domain to our DNS Servers (DNS1.WEBLAUNCHING.NET and DNS2.WEBLAUNCHING.NET) after you subscribe to the DNS Service.
Does DNS Service also forward my email?

No. DNS Service does not include any type of email service. What it does allow you is to point the MX records for your domain to a mail server of your choice.
Are DNS changes immediate?

Yes and No. The changes you make are immediately updated on our DNS Servers. But various ISPs / DNS Servers over the Internet cache DNS information to improve performance, and so it might take a few hours before your changes get reflected on the Internet.

Other Questions
Do you have a toll-free number to call?

We do have a toll-free number - (877) 686-2579. However to keep prices low, this is a voicemail only number, which we monitor periodically. You will get the fastest service by emailing us at support@weblaunching.net, or using our online support form.
I still have a question...

Email us at support@weblaunching.net, or use our online support form. We will get back to you promptly.


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