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Tucows/WebLaunching Domain Registrations
This page provides information on our Tucows domain registration service.
  • All domains registered with us prior to June 2004 are Tucows registrations.

  • We continue to offer a full range of services from Tucows, and fully support these services.

  • We now also offer Enom domain registration services, the main feature of which is a lower price ($14.95 instead of $17.95).

  • For more information on the difference between the two, please read our FAQ.
You can now manage, renew or register Tucows/WebLaunching domains via the Integrated Control Panel!

The Integrated Control Panel is a faster and more secure way to manage your domains. There is no charge to import the domains, and it is a very simple process:
  • STEP 1: If you haven't already, register or login to the Integrated Control Panel.

  • STEP 2: Visit the Import page to provide your old Tucows login information and to import your domains into the Integrated Control Panel.

  • STEP 3: Visit the Manage page to manage or renew your Tucows domain.
Note that importing the Tucows domains is not related in any way to transferring them (which means moving the registration to a different registrar such as Enom). Importing these domains simply allows you to manage these domains via the new Integrated Control Panel. They will continue to remain Tucows/WebLaunching domains.

IMPORTANT: Importing the domain will NOT change the price for renewal ($17.95 most domains). To avail of our $14.95 price, you will need to TRANSFER these domains to our Enom system. See the transfer instructions below.

If you have forgotten the login information for your Tucows domain or for any other WebLaunching service, please click here.

Unsure whether the domain you registered with WebLaunching is a Tucows or an Enom domain? Click here.

Click here to register or transfer another Tucows domain.

Transferring your Tucows/WebLaunching domain to our new Enom system

Note that you also have the option of tranferring your Tucows/Weblaunching domains to our new Enom service. Transferring from the Tucows to the Enom service is quite easy, and will save you money (the $14.95 Enom transfer also includes a year of renewal, instead of the $17.95 Tucows renewal):

1. Register or login to the Integrated Control Panel.
2. Click the "Transfer Domain" link under the Members menu to initiate the Enom Transfer.

If your domain is a .ORG, .INFO, .BIZ, .US, .COM, .NET and/or .TV domain, you will need an authorization code to initiate the transfer. If this is the case, please import the domain, and then visit the domain management page to have the auth code emailed to the listed admin contact for the domain. You will need to enter the auth code in the "Authorization Key" field in the Domain Transfer form.

IMPORTANT - All our domains are locked by default to prevent fraudulent transfers away. Before you place the above order, please import the Tucows domain and remove the lock on the domain. A locked domain cannot be transferred!

Once the transfer is submitted, Transfer Verification emails will be sent to the admin contact. Please make sure to follow the verification instructions in these emails. If you do not have access to the admin email address, please update it first, BEFORE placing the order. Do NOT place a transfer order unless you have access to the listed admin email address.

Since the transfer process takes upto a week to complete, it is recommended that you place the transfer order at least a week or more before the current expiration date. If the domain has already expired, you MUST contact us to have the post-expiration hold (which is different from the domain lock) removed before placing the transfer order. Note that your website or email will not be affected by the transfer process.

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